Twisted BrainZ is a swiss independant game studio made up of Axel Pfister and Louise Pictet, bringing up new games since 2019. Great minds meet videogames, always thinking about a good gameplay together with great graphics, not to say that depth is a very important aspect for the players that should always be on the frontline.



Founded in 2019, Twisted BrainZ is mainly about 2 people. Louise, which is at the founding day still studying game art and pushing through until her bachelor is finished. On the other hand, Axel has been a sound specialist for the past 24 years and wanted to combine his passion for videogames together with his passion for sounds.


AST-Hero is the first project the Twisted BrainZ team brought to life from the beginning until the end. It all started by teaming up with Shaman77 and to test their skills and how they work together, they decided to participate to the 8th Game-Jam francophone. As they won the game-jam, and the comments were so positive, they decided to publish AST-Hero after a long polishing session. Being a 3-people team is a big challenge, and a steam release is getting ready!



There are currently no trailers available for Twisted BrainZ. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "8th Game Jam Francophone (AST-Hero)" Winner

Selected Articles

  • Bonjour, Félicitations pour ce shooter bien complet! Hâte de voir ton prochain game
    francescageneva ,
  • Le jeu est top! Nerveux et réactif! J'aime bcp les graphismes et la bande son également.
    Destro85 ,
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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Axel Pfister
audio, gameplay, story, production, everything else!
Louise Pictet
graphics, gameplay
code, gameplay
Naomi Perrin (Association Woodman)
Alexandre Pedde-Lay (Association Woodman)