Space shooter inspired by Asteroids - 40 levels, multi weapons, upgrades, bosses.



Pilot your ship through the infinity of space while escaping its multiple dangers. Collect rewards, equip yourself in the armory to survive the many waves of enemies and destroy the mother ship. Asteroids’ reboot

Winner of the 8th Game-Jam Francophone, coded from scratch with no external library, AST-Hero offers a unique experience with custom made graphics and original FX and music. It was coded in CSharp in Visual studio 2017. The framework used was: Monogame


  • 5 levels of difficulty
  • Ship and weapons upgrades
  • Armory (in-game shop for missiles and upgrades)
  • 40 levels with bosses
  • Full Gamepad Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Keyboard compatible (customizable keys)
  • English tutorial with subtitles


Gameplay TrailerYouTube



Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner" 8ème Game-Jam Francophone,, 1st December 2019
  • "Competitor" GWDC 2021 - Game Development World Championship 2021
  • "Winner" Prohelvetia International Online Platforms 2021

Selected Articles

  • Amazing game. So much great stuff in this one ! [...] One of the top games on this jam imo!
  • La musique est vraiment super entrainante, le gameplay est génial, les graphismes super réussit, un jeu magnifique ! Et je pèse mes mots ! Chapeau bas au concepteur !

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Twisted BrainZ is a swiss independant game studio made up of Axel Pfister and Louise Pictet, bringing up new games since 2019. Great minds meet videogames, always thinking about a good gameplay together with great graphics, not to say that depth is a very important aspect for the players that should always be on the frontline.
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