In this action-puzzle game, you take control of Bonnie and all the other cute turtles and help as many of them as possible to get to the sea.


VGL Game Jam

Turtles! was 1st in Gameplay and 4th overall in the VGL Game Jam organized by the french content creator at0mium. After the Game Jam, we decided to bring Turtles! to the next level by converting it to 3d, polishing the gameplay, level design, graphics and audio.


  • Authentic and Original Gameplay
  • Packing in an advanced match 3 pattern based mechanics
  • Evolutive unique Music Based on Progression
  • Achievements


There are currently no trailers available for Turtles!. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Selected Articles

  • C'est du génie. [...] Un gameplay extrêmement simple [...] et c'est le level design qui va faire la différence et là il n'y a rien à dire c'est bravo. [...] un concept exceptionnel.
    at0mium, Youtube
  • Un jeu très chill, même si ça peut être stressant à certains moments. Le gameplay des plusieurs déplacements en même temps fonctionne super bien et la DA est très belle. C'est vraiment un jeu agréable et intéressant, bravo !
  • Une adorable version d'un classique de l'arcade avec un twist de gameplay qui lui apporte de l'intérêt avec une DA qui défonce tout ?? Que demander de plus !

About Twisted BrainZ

Twisted BrainZ is a swiss independant game studio made up of Axel Pfister and Louise Pictet, bringing up new games since 2019. Great minds meet videogames, always thinking about a good gameplay together with great graphics, not to say that depth is a very important aspect for the players that should always be on the frontline.
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